Lus learns to eat with a Spoon.

As you can see, it went extremely well.
I realize these would be much more intersting in color but
A: I didn't realize I had BW in the camera and
B: the color would be quite disgusting anyhow, so this worked out well.

I apologize for being extremely lax in posting this week...aka... not posting at all
It is Kerry's ONE week off in between school semesters (I thought he had 3!) so every free minute has been spent with him. I'll be back to never seeing Kerry along with blogging next week.

You can expect :
a Birth Story
Newborn Session
Maybe some venting on people who pick up cameras to only make money and who care nothing for the art...grrrr
a Sneak at my Sisters SLC court wedding
... oh ya.. and maybe something on Mother's Day.

I'm off to spend my last 48 free hours sleeping, snuggling, and not thinking of school.

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  1. Lus is such a doll!! Can't wait for your blogs this week!!


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