My last class was AWESOME... and most of you missed it.

Images from my latest 101 class.
Cupcakes made by the oh-so-talented Jamie Hill. Her work is gorgeous and ... delicious.

I absolutely ADORE teaching these classes. This was the 3rd go around and each time they just get better and better. I think I'll start calling it something like: "an entire semester of photography 101... on crack... and in 2 hours... class." We cover basics and manual settings, you know, (or don't)... shutter, iso, fstop....things every person with a dslr or slr or really any camera should know. Suprisingly, and sadly, there are even a lot of pro's that could benefit. And FUNNY enough... there is always a person or two in my classes that has taken FAR more photography classes than me.

What are they teaching in college photo classes? I'm coming to understand more and more that... I really don't need a degree in this. I say that because I have been struggling with the decision on what to get my degree in once I head back to school, and honestly I have photography degree graduates tell me all the time... I don't NEED school. Now..... before I get a bunch of angree comments from other BA's reading this: I am NOT saying that being educated in photography and photography history is not important, or that anyone can just pick up a camera and learn the basics and go or that school isn't extremely beneficial.....

I AM saying that:
you learn more from practice,
not copying other people,
striving to find your own place and voice,
and studying and being educated,
than anything else.

shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot

........and then shoot some more.



  1. thoughts: i want those cupcakes

    oh and on getting a degree: a photographer who actually spends time shooting, without having a degree is always better off than one who has a degree but doesn't shoot at all. you're right- a degree isn't necessary.

    However, there are benefits from critiques, art history knowledge, assignments, alternative methods (i'm thinking strictly photography here... like alternative developing processes etc) other equipment knowledge etc that ultimately can make a HUGE difference in the life of a true photographer. They are all things that can be learned outside of an education, but it's easier to focus in on what needs to be learned while working towards a degree. But yes, you are right- regardless of education the most is learned from just doing it. :)

    cupcake please?

  2. Love it! Thank you for making me feel better that I don't have a degree in photo. I really needed the brush-up on the basics and it so got me out of the Wintery photo rut that I was in. I had so much fun making new friends!
    May I use that photo on my website/facebook/blog?
    Plus I will be taking your advise to shoot, shoot and shoot some more!
    Thanks again!

  3. Seriously, loved the class and love your post. Couldn't agree more!


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