I have my Minolta back & Lusilia Lou 6.0

Test roll, making sure the old minolta x700 is really fixed this time around. This sweetheart camera was the first film camera I ever owned, it was my grandpa's, and I'm mad for it. There is just something about the old school 35mm's where you have to advance the film yourself... LOVE that sound and feeling... yummm. I haven't used it since the FIND workshop catastrophe and I've missed it the last 1.5 years since. Finally got it back from Kew's, glad you are back in the family Roger, we missed you.

(ps I just read on an old blog post quote,
"So, I have been shooting film like mad and incorporating it more and more into my shoots. I'm crazy about it, crazy crazy! One day ladies and jets... one day I'll shoot 100% film."
How fun is that!!! huh!.)

It has been awhile since I've had a Lusi exclusive post. I've been holding back, I do literally have hundreds of photos of her to share.
Isn't she big? She is so funny. Can you tell she has started to somewhat pose for pictures? haha. oh... she kills me. What's up with the sock you ask? not sure. I just know that if we put a sock on her hand she will leave it there, and she's probably leave it forever if we never took it off.


  1. I absolutely love all your pics. I can't get enough of Lusi, she is such a doll!! I can't believe how big she is getting. KIT.

  2. She is precious!! I LOVE the sock on the hand! It's perfect! She will start a new trend :) gorgeous pics as always!! <3

  3. She is the cutest. Love her cute headband.

  4. You've got a little heart breaker on your hands! She is just beautiful! You and Kerry should have like half a dozen to make the world a more beautiful place.

  5. OMG! so adorable little angel. .=)


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