Chelsie's Bridals

I forgot how lovely shooting weddings is. Today Chelsie and Michael got hitched, it was wonderful.
They are off to New York and then a awesome cruise to the Carribean (she still doesn't konw) as we speak. Stunning Wedding... Stunning. I can't wait to show you the photos!

I apologize for being so completely MIA the last week. SOOOO much is going on and I'm trying to keep my head on straight and sadly blogging is typically one of the fist tasks to get crossed of the list.

What is going on? I will tell you.

My sisters kids are leaving for the summer 1 week earlier than planned...I am heart broken. If you don't know I watch them 3 days a week, they are my kids, they are my joy and my frustration. I was so looking forward to that last week with them, we had so many plans.. now i'm trying to smash it all into 2 days.

Kerry is at school full time for summer semester as well as working graveyards full time. I miss him, we do not see one another often enough.

Lus has been waking up at 1 every night... I think she is teething. Makes me so sad, she will be up for hours and then fall asleep on my chest.

Being in my ward Young Woman Presidency... enough said.

Trying my best to train for the Wasatch Back which is in less than a month... I might die running this thing... I am NOT ready!

Bad side affects to the new meds... Doc says I can't go right off of them either... I have to wait a month... I'm  frustrated, can't think straight, headaches and pain... "I am frustrated" is the only way I know how to say it at this point.

Just being Mom.

I will say though, yesterday I took a tour of the LDS Humanitarian Center in SLC.
It gave me some perspective, along with everything going on in Joplin and the surrounding areas.
I have food, I have shelter, I have safety, I have my family, I have my body and it is capable, and I have awesome resources at my disposal. I will never REALLY know suffering.

I'll get through these busy few weeks with a post here and there but I will be back full force mid June.
New Website will be done, and the Blog is getting a COMPLETE overhaul and will blow all of your minds when I come back for reals.

Until then, Ciao! 

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  1. Life is just so busy. I hope you get feeling better really soon. I feel like I can't keep my head above water just now either. Husband travels constantly for work, I'm trying to take care of kids and fit my work in at some point too, plus I just got a BIG new calling and it's just all overwhelming. Love the photos!


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