Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

The Goods:

Washing Soda:

Cost: $2.50

Also in the Laundry aisle of any grocery store.
Cost: $1 something

You only need one of the brands, and you will need 2 bars of the Fels Naptha if that is what you go with. I also just found out that you can use Ivory soap, yep, the kind you wash your body with.
Cost: all are about $1 each
You can find Zote in the Mexican Products Section, and Fels Naptha in the Laundry section.

How to:

Grate Soap
This is the only step that takes much effort and time.
I would think a box grater would be great for this.
Ikea has a good cheap one.
To Grate, I use the parmesan grate, I like to make the shavings a small as possible.
Depending on which bar you use, you could end up with left over, or need an additional bar.

2 Cups Grated Soap
1 Cup Borax
1 Cup Washing Soda

Put in Containers
Add 2 Tbls to each load of Laundry.

Why go to the effort you ask?
A: Cost. After some math I have concluded that I can get about 300 loads done for about $9, that is compared to $9 for 40 loads with Tide.
B: Better for those with Sensitive skin
C: it is "green" if that does it for you

I discovered this after attending a Relief Society Fair and decided I had to try it because of the savings. I have done a few tests and comparisons and have really fallen in love with this. The Only flaw I have found with this Recipe is my whites are not as white as I like them... and we do a lot of loads of just white. I have corrected this by adding 1 Cup or Oxi-Clean to the batch. A whole container is about $6, so the price is now about $15 for 300 loads of laundry.

A few things you can do different:
You can add a few drops or essential oils if you would like your soap to have an aroma.
You can actually turn this same recipe into a liquid detergent. Get those instructions HERE.
Add the oxiclean to only the white loads instead of adding it to the recipe.

Try it out, you will be surprised I think! For those of you doing it, have any tips for us?
And I'll be showing how to make dryer balls to replace sheets in the upcoming weeks so come back soon!

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  1. I have an HE washer. Do you know if this reciepe is ok for those types of washers?

  2. This Works with HE Machines but I think most HE machines have a clause saying you can only use XYandZ detergents or the warranty is void. Check your manual.

  3. I have one extra ingredient in mine. I am looking forward to trying it with the Pink Zote soap.

  4. I think for whites you can add baking soda for brightness, and I think it's more natural than oxi-clean and you can get a huge bag at costco for $5. Thank you so much for this! Do you know if this works with cloth diapers? I bought some for Jonah and need to find a good detergent.

  5. I don't know anything officially on whether this is ok for clothe diapers, But i do use it on lusi's. I just do an extra rinse!

  6. I have used this recipe and love it~ for whites, I use vinegar!! TFS.

  7. Love this stuff and use it all the time.


  8. Ladies, your whites are turning out bright with the vinegar and baking soda? I feel another experiment coming on.

  9. I've never heard of the dry detergent before! I heard about the liquid stuff and there was some mention of it expanding and flowing over a bucket and from there I just tuned out. I am going to try this though! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.


    Come strut your stuff.

  11. So excited about this recipe. I've used the liquid and love it but it's a pain. This is so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

  12. How much vinegar or baking soda do you add power load?

  13. This is inspiring. I shall try to make my own soap!!!

  14. NICE! So saving this for future use! :D


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