Oliver's Birth Day

Oliver Taylor
19 inches
5.15 lbs
born 1:32 am

The DAY AFTER Katie (Oliver's mother) put down her deposit she text ed me that her water a broken. The last email I sent to her before that was, "give me a call so we can chat and our first meeting doesn't have to be while you are in labor." ... I'm sorry I jinxed you Katie. 
Katie was nice enough to send me a small write up of her experience of Oliver's delivery as well as having me be there to document it:

"The day Oliver was born was nothing like I ever dreamed it would be. I was not due for another 3 weeks when my water broke. Labor and delivery were much faster than what everyone told me to expect, and before I knew it it was time to push-he was crowning-he was out! I held my baby boy on my chest for just a few seconds before the nurses noticed something wasn't quite right. The hurried and took him to be evaluated, before I could even really look at him. He eventually made his way to the NICU, where he spent the first week of his life. He is now home and is a healthy, perfect baby boy (although still a little small!)

Having a photographer there for Oliver's birth was a total last minute decision- I contacted Sharon and booked her just a few days before he was born. My husband and I are very private people, but instantly felt comfortable when she walked into the delivery room. She was wonderful and sincerely cared about our family. The day was so hectic that its all a blur in my memory, but we have these amazing photos to bring those feelings back. Anyone debating having their birth story done should not hesitate-the pictures are something that will be treasured forever. Thank you so much Sharon for sharing the most amazing day with us-you are wonderful!!"

Read the story in it's entirety HERE

Oh the angst of not being able to see or hold your baby in the first minutes of his life! I had such anxiety for Katie, I was trying to hold it altogether but really, in my head and chest, I was a wreck for her. She on the other hand...She was SO well composed and trusting and calm throughout the whole delivery and post. Mike, her husband, was equally as amazing, he was incredibly supportive and loving through the entire process. They are an extraordinary couple and I feel privileged to have been there to document such a significant event in their lives.
Thank YOU Katie and Mike, it was amazing to be there!

see all images from Oliver's birthday here


  1. I always get so teary-eyed when you post birth stories! So tender.

  2. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. These are beautiful Sharon!!

  3. She chose right, didn't she? These are amazing, Sharon, like always.

  4. Sharon, so glad Katie went with you. I was sad I wasn't going to be able to take their photos but glad you were doing it instead. These are beautiful!


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