She is Mine

I know this photo should really be HERE but I am going in over there so it would have taken forever for me to post this and I just couldn't wait.

This started a few weeks ago when Lusi trudged into the kitchen while I was doing one thing or another. I realized a few mins later she had been in there too long and it had been far too quiet from something not to be going on. I then walked in on Lusi and holy moly! she had found a pen, as well as the fridge, and discovered what happens when they make contact, a lot of contact.


Like jumping for joy, almost crying freaking out. I tore out the paper and any writing utensil I could find and we spent the next several hours making masterpieces and me drifting off imagining Saturday mornings on the warm deck with a paint brush in hand and my darling artist companion at my side dabbling away on her mini easel...oh...the day!

Paper is now plastered on the lower half of most of my walls and book shelves, and colored pencils are freely spread across the floor for whenever she needs them.
I don't think this baby girl could have been made any more perfectly for me.
She is definitely my girl and I can't wait to see what else she will do.


  1. So cool! Zoe has been doing the same thing, which is weird because Noah and Isaac have never cared about coloring at all. I feel bad that she's coloring on the walls but hey, it's an apartment so..whatever.

  2. Jonah honestly isn't that interested in drawing. He liked it when he could do it on the walls, but he honestly just doesn't seem that interested anymore. Maybe it's a girl thing. Or maybe Jonah takes after me (not artistic) and Eleanor will take after Derek.


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