Chelsie and Michael's Engagements

As I'm sure you could tell that I have mostly steered clear of wedding and engagements as of late. It isn't because I dislike shooting them, I just got burnt out after shooting FAR too many for FAR to little $. I thought it did me in for good but after shooting these... I'm madly in love, once again, with shooting couples.

This was a fabulous shoot, Chelsie gave me free reign so I got to play and experiment with blur and glare... it was completely refreshing and motivating! I feel too often stuck on this little box of what my work is "supposed" to look like. It is incredibly stifling and hard to produce anything of worth feeling that way. I'm really working on taking all ideas of what I think my work should be or what I think other people think my work should be and tossing it out the ... it is hard... but I'm getting better at doing it. Because of it I'm really starting to feel and see a definite style to my work, which is motivating,
...........and the results are completely different than what I thought I wanted to produce.
But I'm in love with where it is going,
it is real
it is me
and I'm excited to see it grow over the next few years.

Can not wait for this wedding. Knowing Chelsi, it will be epic.
Check the rest of their engagements HERE.

P.s. What do you think of the new layout for photos? Like, dislike? huh huh?


  1. I LOVE the pics! You did amazingly well...without a previous mold to hold yourself to. Fresh is good. Very good. Marissa

  2. Like! I really love these. I love the one of her kind of behind him, with them holding hands, and the close-up nose touch. So great.


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