Lus' makeshift "swimming pool" and Bummis

If you drive through Clearfield much, most mornings you will find Lus half naked out on the porch playing in her "swimming pool." Kerry has made an awesome little fountain out on our deck every summer and we have always enjoyed it distracting (or rather adding too) the hustle and bustle of State st. Plus its just super pretty. This year it is doubling as a swimming pool. I no longer fight with her on this one as it's hot out and our apt is super small. I'm glad she has an outside place to roam free and cool off, even if it is just our little deck and a make shift fountain.

Go check out Bummis.I'm a big fan of this swim diaper. I was getting sick of purchasing the expensive disposable ones and more than anything I hate pulling those off of her when she makes a mess or even just when they are wet. she HATES it. Be smarter than me and purchase 2 so that when you are at the pool and your little one does make a mess, you have another diaper to change them into.
You can purchase your own HERE. Amazon. Or find a local retailer of bummis.


  1. OH she is cute! We don't have A/C here and it is so hot. I wish I had something like that for poor Zoe. When we were in Clearfield 2 weeks ago we stopped by our condo for a minute and she was SO happy running in and out of the house out to the balcony. I could've put a little water something out there for her...if only I still lived there. Sad.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been thinking about reusable swim diapers. And a tip when you have to take off the wet disposable swim diapers: Just tear the sides at the little seam. You're not gonna use them again anyway, so it doesn't really matter.


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