Out with the Old

A LOT of thought has gone into the swapping of blogs names and design the last several months. With heavy heart I let go of the old and with with a happy one I am letting in the new. I am hoping this new layout and design allows me more versatility in my postings, in more sharing, and in me being more comfortable with sharing my all.

The last several months I have been punched in the face with motherhood, ... with homemaking, with being a wife AND a mother and an artist. Feeling like I was losing myself in dishes, dinner, laundry and work was crushing my creativity, crushing my work, crushing me. No one told me it would be this hard, no one told me i would have to change my entire thought process, my entire life... well actually, they told me, you told me... but I had no way to understand.
This new blog is me stepping off my soap box and embracing what I am terrified of but I so badly want and need.

I am a mother.
I am a homemaker.

But I am also
an artist,
a lover,
a writer,
a photographer,
and an extremely passionate slightly crazed girl.

I know, for me, if I don't embrace the dishes, the laundry, the DIY projects, the little creature that talks nonsense to me and dances to Ray Lamontagne and Justin Beiber, I will lose it all... I will become just the slightly crazed girl... and that is all. Motherhood will make me better, it will make me more.

Time to embrace, time to create, time to be the best damn mom you have ever seen.

Blog redesign by Jenna at qa design.


  1. Your new look is BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE it!

  2. Great look! Im with you on the difficulties of embracing a new life. Its hard to let go of a life you loved but it does feel nice to Truely embrace the new. Its a relief.

  3. Ooooh, it's so PRETTY. All of a sudden I'm craving lemonade on a blanket in the grass. And a blog re-do. Well done!

  4. FYI, there is an extra "h" in the "http" part of your button, so it won't work unless you (or the person who puts it on their blog) takes it out.


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