Pineapple Mango Pork Salsa and My Kitchen Concoctions

Now that I am home to actually cook I've been doing a lot of playing around in the kitchen. Sometime this "playing" ends in absolute disaster and we all end up at Wendy's for dinner but typically I am pleasantly surprised with the results of my little concoctions and we all end up well fed and happy. I'm glad Kerry is a sport and eats what is on his plate, regardless of how it looks.

My concoctions start out usually on the internet and with my nose in our cupboards and recipe books. I get a good idea of what we have for ingredients and then search to see what sort of dishes sound good. When reading different recipes I just pull general ideas of what goes well together, how to cook and so forth then I head to the kitchen and don't look back. I hardly ever measure (this applies to cooking NOT baking, baking I measure) and throw in everything "to taste" (there is a lot of double dipping going on when I cook....eash.)

I have found that cooking this way I have learned much faster than when I used to cook straight from a cook book or recipe. I have found out quickly what spices go well together and which ones don't as well as what cooking techniques are really necessary and which ones can be bypassed. For me, I am a visual and "experience" learner, by doing it myself, messing up myself, I learn much quicker than just by reading and doing (unfortunately this learning technique was much of my problem in my teenage years. )Try it out, I dare you. My recipes will make you try as, like I said, I'm not much of a measurer.

Pineapple Mango Pork Salsa
2 Thick Pork Chops
1/4 Pineapple
1 Mango
Brown Sugar
Garlic Salt
Sea Salt
Sprinkle pepper and Sea salt on both sides of your Pork Chops. Brown on both sides in a skillet on the stove. After browning (seriously it's like 30secs on each side) I place the entire skillet in the oven at 425 degrees for 15-25 mins. Cooking time totally depends on how thick your Pork is. Because I have a freakish phobia of eating uncooked meat, I always cut open and make sure it is totally done. It always is, but I still check.

While that is cooking I work on my salsa. Coarsely chop your mango and pineapple and throw into a metal bowl (it doesn't have to be metal but for whatever reason I really do find it helps it marinate with the sugar a bit better.) Add a TBL or 2 of brown sugar, a dash of garlic salt, and a little pepper. Season to taste. Mix. Let sit until Pork is done.

Take pork out of oven, place on plates and spoon salsa over pork.
That is it! Easy Peasy. You could throw the salsa in a pan and heat if you would like or even add the salsa to the pork in the oven right at the end of it's baking time but for me, it is just as good cold and then you have one less dish to do.

Let me know if you try this Pork out, and what you did do, what you didn't do and what you thought with the finale. It's a good one, and super hard to screw up, if not impossible.

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  1. MMMM that looks yummy!! I think I will make it this week!! Thank you!!


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