A new blog: Let the Kids Dress Themselves

Update: They totally featured my last Birth Story! Go check it out, thank you Wendy and Tory, you are freakin awesome!

Some wonderful photographers and friends of mine, Tory and Wendy, just launched their new blog,
The blog is set to feature some amazing work from extremely talented photographers. I'm so excited to have a blog out there featuring portrait sessions
(SOOO sick of wedding blogs)
and from heartfelt artists
(that aren't having to pay or do sessions with railroad tracks, suitcases, and vintage cameras to get their work featured.)

This blog features gorgeous photography from family, children, maternity, and other portrait sessions. This is what honest photography looks like people. Go check it out, follow along and help in crossing your fingers that some day I'll be featured (if I ever get the guts to submit.)


  1. I just did a quick glance and it looks like an amazing blog. I'll be looking closer here in a second. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I think that it is also nice to let kids dress themselves to express their own style in to clothing. We just have to support them and teach them the proper outfits to wear.


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