Check out this blog: A Number of Things

A blog by the most creative, genuine and talented person I know, Rachel Smith:

Follow it, love it, and tell her to blog more because we need more Rachel and her inspiring and uplifting life and art in our everydays. Go and just look at the header, how does someone just throw that together and have it turn out that beautiful? She did, promise.

She is an artist in every sense. I adore her.

Here are just a few of her creations (some of the drawings are done by her husband, apparently their children are just destined to be gorgeous and artistic in every single way.)

Rachel also sings, and beautifully, and of course she writes her one music and lyrics. I met her while in college, she was BFF's with my BFF. While I did not get nearly enough time with Rachel and we don't know each other as well as we ought to, I adore her and feel like we might as well be BFF's anyway. She has been and is one of my favorite people in this world. I miss her, her soft voice and her guitar curled up on our living room floor.

Go check out her blog to find more awesomeness and I'm serious when I say comment and tell her she NEEDS to blog more. I know she has more to share.

Do you know of genuine and inspiring blog? One you think Fresh Cut needs to share? Email me a link at Sharonjohnsonphotography@gmail.com and it might just be the next feature.

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