Chelsie and Michael

I love everything about this bride and groom, their wedding, and these images. I have yet to have a more gracious and sincere bride and groom. Thank you Chelsie and Michael, you are fabulous, and your family was a pleasure to spend all day with. (Oh my, and that cake! I think that cake is just stunning, loved it loved it.)
To see the wedding in it's entirety click HERE.
Joni Hepworth from Plush Design did the wonderful reception decor and all flowers center pieces.

I am currently taking a limited amount of weddings for this fall.
Please contact me at sharonjohnsonphotography@gmail.com for information, pricing and to check availability. Weddings range from $1200-$3000


  1. Simply gorgeous. I love the colors...and I know it must get tiring to shoot weddings alot, but WOW. You did it well!!!!! Marissa

  2. You are an awesome photographer! Love all of the pictures!

  3. Those pictures are Gorgeous Sharon! You are so talented!

  4. Oooh Sharon, you've outdone yourself. Gorgeous. I love the ones on the lawn.


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