It's not the Stove

Leslie brought this to my attention, Jessica blogged it, and now everyone else in the world should re-blog it because really, everyone needs to read this. YES EVERYONE.

Does a nice stove help when making a meal... maybe.. but can you create great food without one? uhmmm yes! BUT, can you create great food with a great stove if you know nothing about cooking and nothing about a stove? No sir.

Why do so many people think this does not apply to cameras and photography?
I don't know.
I wish they did.


  1. I soooooooo agree with this, Sharon!!! I have a decent camera (not professional) and I'll be the first to admit I dont know what the heck I'm doing. I kinda have a soapbox about this issue. I cant express how annoyed I get when I hear of yet ANOTHER person "starting up a photography business" when they have ZERO experience, schooling, or knowledge of photography. They just think its fun and they just bought a nice camera. *sigh* Again, I'm not a photographer, but for some reason this bugs me. Its like if someone wanted to open a salon without a license or any prior experience doing hair... they just think its "fun". Well, yes, it IS indeed fun.. but how can you charge someone for a service you know nothing about??? Anyway. soapbox over. LOL :) Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. SO true! Some people have it some people don't! The tools only help to show off the natural talent, not the opposite!

  3. Yes! While a nice camera is nice, you have a gift with what you see. You take pictures of things completely ordinary and make them beautiful. I say all the time that a nice camera and photos with a watermark do not a photographer make, despite what most people think these days.

    Although I have to say a nice camera DOES make a difference. My composition and my camera both suck, so my pictures are awful. But a nice camera would at least make it so my pictures weren't blurry so they weren't doubly awful.

    On a tangent, I want a nice camera for Christmas. Can I get a decent (digital) camera, used, for less than $400? Is that even possible?


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