Tips for Grilling Shish Kabobs

Tips for Kabob Grilling

Wooden skewers are the way to go, soak in water at least 30 mins (I did mine 5 mins... they were fine) so they don't catch fire on the grill.

If you prep your veggies ahead of time put them in cold water so they stay fresh and crisp.

Let people skewer their own kabobs... everyone likes to (except Emily, so make hers.)

If you really want to get fancy, parboil (it just mean partly cook by boiling... yes I wikapedia-ed it) your zucchini's, carrots, potatoes, and other dense veggies before skewering and grilling. Your veggies will now be completely done the same time your meat is done.

Put dense/stiff veggies at each end of skewers to act as book ends for your bobs.

Leave a little bit of space on both sides of your meat when placing on kabob. This will allow the heat to circulate and cook the meat quicker.

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  1. I actually hate making my own kabobs, I don't like touching raw meat. I can't believe you can even make raw meat beautiful. You are some kind of genius.


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