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I build up a random chunk of thoughts and events that, for some reason, I feel the need to share on the World Wide Web every few weeks. I completely invite everyone else to share as well, because sometimes, you just need to say it to someone, even if it is a computer screen and a few hundred people you have never met.

The 27th through the 4th was a horrible and crushing week for me. Aspects of it are still lingering (or rather completely engulfing my mind.) Yet, I can now carry on and really I'm happy it came. Remember? I asked for it?

I lost my light meter in Salt Lake on Saturday the 3rd. If you found it, it's mine. Can I please have it back? You don't even now what it is or what it does or know how much I need it... please? It looks like this:

Marriage is awesome but really hard. Anyone that says otherwise either hasn't been married long or isn't trying hard enough.

I have an awesome husband who tries hard at marriage, like really really tries HARD. I know there are SO many husbands... (and wives for that matter)... that don't. I am so glad he does, and I'm grateful y he puts up with my craziness and inability to express any rational thought or feeling.

My phone broke, again, and it will probably be that way for sometime. SOMEONE (see picture from yesterday's post) threw my phone off the deck and now I can receive calls but the caller can't hear a dang thing on my end. So sure, call me, just don't expect to hear anything on the line, I'll press a button 3 times if I got the message you were trying to relay
.... just text me.. I can text.

Being poor totally sucks but in some strange way I totally love it.

We are now seriously looking at and weighing our options for grad school. I'm excited but also terrified to move. Yes we will be going out of state next year. I know it will be an adventure and really great and I know I am the one saying "We CANNOT stay in Utah for grad school" but I am still completely terrified.

Sunday night Kerry, Lus, and I slept out on our deck, which doesn't have a covering (it kind of rained) which is above a parking lot, which is positioned on state street. It was completely spontaneous, odd and the best idea we have had in ages.

I don't think I've been this chill over the last week and "whatever" about life since... freshman year of college? yes, freshman year of college. That was the greatest time of my life, I loved every second about it and being chill and "whatever is even better with my little family then it was 6 years ago... and that is saying a lot.

My baby is no longer a baby... and I want a baby so badly I ache.

Kerry cut my hair 10 mins before church sunday. I mentioned how I wanted it chopped and he jokingly said "I'll cut it" ... except he wasn't joking and cut out a big junk of my hair before I could protest. He then "had" to finish it and tt looks awesome. Kerry is now considering skipping grad school and becoming a barber.

(note that A: my hair really does look awesome and B: Kerry isn't a jerk for snipping a chunk out of my hair. It is well known that I don't have much attachment to my hair and am typically up for any hairstyle.. which brings me too...)

My favorite thing about me:
is my awesome hair.
God has blessed me with a phenomenal head of hair that really, can pull of any look (minus the bowl cut my mother gave me when I was 5.. MOM what where you thinking???) It is thick, grows quickly, lays nicely, .. I have loved every hair cut and color I have ever had. Though there is no need to be too jealous. This blessing came with a curse, that being I will be completely grey in 5 years.
Yet, I'm convinced I'll even be able to pull that off.

That is it for now.
Your turn.


  1. It's true about your hair. Totally, totally true.

  2. It looks like you doing well in following your dreams, S.M.P. You've come along way from the deliquent bread girl I knew, j/k!

  3. HA! and you? No fair leaving an anonymous comment. i'm left wondering. I have it narrowed down to less than a handful...a clue?

  4. And I leave you to your wonder as I should. You have a cute kid on your hands though!


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