Wool Dryer Balls. Felted Yarn Balls :: DIY

I started making these after learning to make my own Laundry Detergent. They are handmade, "green" and good for those kiddos that have extra sensitive skin. They go right in your dry cycle with your clothes to replace dryer sheets. They work wonderfully and I hear they last for years and years and years. Not only do they keep the clothes static free, if you use enough of them in one load it will cut your drying time in half in some cases. I typically throw 5 to 10 balls with each load, depending on the size of the load. They are incredibly easy to make, so much so that I will spare you a lot of directions and let the photos do the talking.

You need yarn that is 70% wool or higher. I suggest using a yarn that is thicker, the thinned stuff didn't felt as well. Start by making your core. Wrap tightly!

When finished this should be 3-4 inches diameters in size.
You are now going to felt your yarn balls. Put yarn balls in a nylon, placing a knot tightly between each ball. You can do this by washing or boiling the yarn. I opted for washing as it was much easier. Put in your washer on high heat and run a cycle, soap free. Then throw it in your dryer with a few towels and run for 2-3 dry cycles. Your yarn is now felted together and cannot be unwoven!

Now for the outer layer. Knot your first go around together and just start wrapping.
The ones we made were quit large, about 10in diameters round. 7 is plenty big, and you will save yarn doing them a touch smaller.
Felt again. Back in Nylon, wash then dry.
If you can find a toddler to help you with all of this then you get to rewind the same ball or yarn over and over, it is quite find and I highly recommend it *cough cough*.

This is the "if you don't wind it tight enough or put a tight enough knot in the nylon your yarn will fall out of place and it will look like this" photo. So don't do that. Wind tight people, TIGHT.

The finished product!
Place in the dryer with your wet clothes and let them work their magic. Funny how gorgeous they are as well. I made a bunch of extra along with some super small ones and they sit on my table as a center piece. I'm sure there are a million crafty and decor things that could be done with this concept. Link if you have photos or ideas for these. I'm curious as to what has been done.
Questions about this DIY? Did I leave something out? Comment and let me know!

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