Utah Children's Photography: Saturday Morning 2.0


More of this little bugger and his siblings (and new baby brother!) coming in the next 2 weeks.
Have a fabulous Saturday everyone! Make it a good one! 

For you photographers:
 (you probably will have NO idea what I'm talking about if your not one,... sorry)

This was shot with 400h film (fuji), oh I LOVE this film. I've been trying a new color film, Portra 400 (Kodak) lately and I just can't seem to nail it and love it like other photographers have been. So why change films? Portra 400 has a LOT of benefits? it comes in 220, 400h only comes in 35 and 120 (120 has half the amount of exposures as 220). Also, you can rate it at 400 and 800iso (not 200 or lower) meaning you can get 1 to 2.. if not 3 or 4... more stops of light! That is a HUGE difference, saving me tons of money in some cases as I don't need to pay the extra $ to have the film pushed in developing when needed (and its needed a lot.)
We'll see, maybe I just need to shoot it more and get used to it... I'll post some more from this session and  point out the Portra 400 from the 400H and you can see what you prefer. Come on Fuji... can't you just keep making 400H in 220?? COME ONE! 

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