30 for 30: Hairstyles-My Yellow Sandbox


I did some photos for Abby over at My Yellow Sandbox the other day. She just finished up doing a 30 for 30 hair tutorial. It is awesome, go check it out. Too bad I have short hair and this just made me want my long locks back. 

Funny story how I know Abby...She may or may not have been the girlfriend Kerry dated after he dropped me with the line "I don't want a GF right now." I don't think I have to say that I may or may not have somewhat.."hated" Abby for a large part of high school. Luckily she got dumped as well and we became friends talking trash on his new GF.... thinking about it now... I wonder how many girls were talking trash on me when we "Dated".. aka... where kissing and I thought I was his GF and he just liked kissing me. But don't be too hard on Mr. Johnson.  I may or may have not kissed another boy when we were really dating the first time around and he might have been a little bitter towards me
.....wow I'm glad high school is over.

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  1. I've been wishing to have my long hair back lately too. Hers is so pretty!

    So many girls I hated over a boy. So much wasted time.


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