Oh how I miss them

My niece and nephew went off to their home in Cheyenne for the summer. It has only been a week and I miss them terribly. Yes my house is clean and I'm actually getting some tasks done for once, but how I miss them so! I hope they have the greatest summer ever! Can't wait to see them, hopefully, soon.

Shot on portra 800 loving ps. Not as much of a punch as the 400h but the skin tones are spot on. Loving the extra stop of light as well! 


  1. Me too! Love those kids! You're such a great Aunt to them, Sharon! Thanks! Hugs to you...

  2. Those kids are adorable! And your hair grow out looks awesome!

  3. These are awesome!
    My box of portra 800 is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to try.


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